(c) Ildiko Cziglenyi Ildiko is a professional hennayat (the French-Morrocan word for henna specialist), fine artist, mother, and Middle Eastern dancer. She has been doing mendhi/henna painting professionally since 2001, and is ICNHA certified*. She specializes in Indian, Arabic, and Moroccan styles. Along with painting on people, Ildiko hennas a variety of other materials such as paper, silk, and stretched goat skin. She enjoys working with clients on location, at home, or in the salon. She also takes great pleasure in learning about the history of henna, attending and teaching at henna conferences, (c) Ildiko Cziglenyiand finding about new trends and styles in the henna world today. She is dedicated to sharing her knowledge of this amazing plant and the beauty of this art form in her classes. Ildiko’s fine art background includes pencil drawing, watercolor, acrylic, pastels, and ceramics. Because of her connection to henna’s historical roots in celebrating life, fertility and femininity, she has found the ancient art of mendhi to be one of her most passionate art forms.


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ICNHA Certification

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