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by Ildiko Cziglenyi

Once you have completed making your paste as described in the How to Make Henna section, spoon your dye-released henna paste into a plastic, ziplock bag and clip a corner. Fill your squeeze bottle or cone, and begin your designs.

Allow the henna paste to dry on the skin, then dabble it with a cotton ball lightly dipped into your lemon-sugar solution.

When you have completed your design, and you have dabbled it with lemon-sugar, wrap the area with unrolled cotton balls, tissue or toilet paper. You can even steam it, heat it, or wrap it with plastic and leave overnight. This raises the temperature of the skin, slightly rehydrates the henna, and keeps it from completely drying out, thus allowing the henna’s color to stain deeper and more vibrantly.

Henna is a heat-reactive dye, so if you choose not to wrap it, try to be close to a heat source, like over a heater, heating pad, woodstove, candle, or in the hot sunshine. Even after the henna paste is removed, heat will continue to boost the stain.

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